Welcome to Urban Sexy Chic!

Beginning of Urban Sexy Chic

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Urban Sexy Chic, a blog that will entail my “Eclectic” (pronounced IKLEKTIKK..;) vision of Fashion, Art & Lifestyle!!

The goal of this blog is to share Urban, Sexy, & Chic  fashion styling suggestions, be your personal shopper, and to showcase everything that inspires me….. People, Art, and Everyday Life!  Please take advantage of enjoying and utilizing “MY” CREATIVE OUTLET!

About Administrator

Urban Sexy Chic.com is an eclectic (IKLEKTIKK…;) vision of fashion, art and lifestyle. Editor-in-Chief, Nedra Merriweather will provide for you a daily dose of her interpretation of what is fascinating in the fashion, art and everyday life as well as her OOTD (Outfits of The Day). If you’re a chic savvy fashionista looking for unique and fresh takes on EVERYTHING fashion, including tips and wardrobe advice log on everyday!
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